Onxtra Consulting

We are a specialist provider of Information Technology Solutions and Services dedicated to the small and medium sized enterprise market in Canada and the United States.

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Who We Are

Onxtra Consulting was born as a group of young IT professionals developing software on a work-for-hire basis, and throughout the years it has grown up to become an experimented IT team able to provide the best software and infrastructure solutions to the small and medium sized enterprise market in Canada and the United States.

Our team of Front-end engineers, RoR developers, Software developers, Product Designers and Infrastructure analysts, combine their best practices and collaboration scheme to provide our clients the most effective solution based on their requirements and needs.


We are particularly proud of our speed of development, the maintainability of our software and our knowledge of open source projects which we build upon and contribute back to.


We create accessible, user-friendly applications using Ruby on Rails, an open-source web framework optimized for sustainable productivity.


Thanks to the use of Agile and best practices management in our developments, we are committed to complete your projects successfully, on time, anytime, from anywhere.


People are using Rails in the tiniest part-time operations to the biggest companies.

What We Do

Our team can design, build and deploy systems that meet the customer’s specific business needs from the ground up.

How We Work

We are adaptable to the ever changing needs of our clients as well as the whole market so that we can quickly respond with the appropriate solutions just for you.

How We Work